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Crystal Golf Tour in 6 countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary

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Tournament Calendar


Basic information

Any golfer with a minimum HCP of 54 can take part in Crystal Golf Tour ("CGT"). To become a CGT member effectively, a membership fee of CZK 990 / € 39 must be credited to the bank account of CGT organizers. The CGT member card will be posted to you within a week of the payment at latest, but typically on the same day. To register and to view the payment details, please proceed here. The same flat greenfee of CZK 850 / € 33 applies to all CGT tournaments. If you wish to take part in an event hosted on your home grounds by the golf club whose full member you are, you pay only an administrative fee of CZK 100 / € 4. The amount includes the greenfee, the tournament service (starting fee, scorecard, score entering) and a water bottle into your bag. Golfers must present their CGT member card at the reception desk. After the game, the scorecard must be returned to the club reception desk. There are no separate winner announcements in individual tournaments. To register in particular tournaments, please visit the website of the respective national golf association: a link to the specific tournament is always provided in the tournament calendar. A player registered with a different national golf association (e.g., a Slovak golfer wanting to play in the Czech Republic, a Czech golfer wanting to play in Poland, etc.) needs to register by calling or emailing the relevant host club. 

Every participating golf club will have published the start list on the website of their national golf association by 6 p.m. on the eve of tournament at latest. 


Game format

Every golfer is ranked within a performance category, based on their HCP as of the moment of his/her registration with CGT. The rules of R&A Golf Club St. Andrews as well as local rules apply; each golf course is played 1x18 holes. Male participants will use yellow tees while female and junior participants will use red tees. The scoring format is Net Stableford with adjustable HCP. If you complete a tournament outside your home country, you will need to have your HCP adjusted by your home golf club.

Performance categories:

  • Category 1 for HCP 0 - 18 
  • Category 2 for HCP 18.1 - 26 
  • Category 3 for HCP 26.1 - 37 
  • Category 4 for HCP 37.1 - 54 

Every player will have his/her 6 best individual results throughout the CGT season counted towards the overall rank. On every golf course, only the best result applies to the overall rank (e.g., if a golfer plays 3 tournaments in Ostravica with respective scores of 23 STB, 35 STB and 29 STB, only the best result will be used, that is, 35 STB).

The overall rank is adjusted after each tournament within 48 hours of completing the tournament.


Final Tournament

The best 20 players in each category qualify for the two-day finals. If the overall score is equal, the following rules determine the final rank: 

(1) a higher number of the tournaments played

(2) average NET STB score from all tournaments

(3) drawing lots

The final two-day tournament is closed, with all finalists granted their 6 best scores throughout the CGT season. The score achieved in both final tournaments is multiplied by 1.5. 

The top 5 golfers in each category will be awarded prizes.


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