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Crystal Golf Tour in 6 countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary

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How much does the Crystal Golf Tour Card cost?

The cost is CZK 990 or € 39, unless specified differently

What should I do in order to take part in the Tour?

All it takes is to register and pay the registration fee. You must present the CGT member card every time you pay the greenfee in every golf club involved.

The tournament I'd like to play in is held tomorrow. Can I still take part?

Yes. Just call us and we will register you immediately. Naturally, we are unable to have the CGT member card delivered to you next day but we still can arrange you are granted the tournament fee by the respective club.

What amount do I pay for a tournament, and what do I get in return?

The same flat fee applies to all tournaments: CZK 850 or € 33. The amount covers your greenfee, score entering and a bottle of water in your bag. No extras (such as lunch etc.) are not covered by the cost.

I want to play on my home grounds, do I also need to pay the full fee?

No. Regular members of a golf club hosting a CGT event will only be charged an administrative fee of CZK 100 or € 4. It is the sole discretion of the relevant club to determine whether or not you are a regular member.

What tees are used to play?

Men will use yellow tees. Women and juniors will use red tees. This applies to all courses, regardless of what HCP a particular golfer has.

Can I play on other courses outside my country?

Yes, you only have to book with the respective golf club on phone or by email. You may be required by a foreign club to provide a proof of your HCP, either online or by providing a registration card of your national golf association.

What if my HCP changes during the season?

That is irrelevant for the sake of our Tour. You will always be ranked in the category you were given when joining our Tour. If your initial HCP is, say, 19, you will continue in category 2 even if your HCP improves to 10 in the course of the season.

How can I can qualify for the final tournament?

The ranks in 4 HCP categories are considered. The best 20 players in  respective categories qualify for the finals. 6 best results are considered throughout the entire CGT, with any golf course represented by merely one result, the best one achieved by the specific golfer. If you play, say, 3 tournaments in Ostravica, only your best result is considered for the overall rank.


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